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MySQL InnoDB Cluster, now with remote nodes!

domingo, setembro 25th, 2016 Posted in MySQL Tuning | No Comments »

In this post I’m going to extend the tests I made with MySQL InnoDB Cluster on the previous post, creating a group of instances with separate servers, that is, I’m ... Read more..

Testing the New MySQL InnoDB Cluster

terça-feira, setembro 20th, 2016 Posted in MySQL HA | No Comments »

After receiving the announcement done by Oracle via Lefred, I got myself very curious about the new MySQL InnoDB Cluster. After watching the video, I downloaded the package, got the ... Read more..

MySQL 8.0 DMR, new features, part 1

segunda-feira, setembro 12th, 2016 Posted in MySQL Tuning | No Comments »

I would like to start this telling the reader that this is going to be the first of some blog posts I’m planning to exploit subjects around MySQL 8.0, as ... Read more..